About Caroline Blackburn

Founder and Massage Therapist of Control Movement Body

Like any top professional sportsperson, Caroline Blackburn experienced her share of injuries during her career as a British 400m hurdler and International bobsleigher. This prompted her to pursue studies in sports rehabilitation, qualifying from Brunel University with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Studies, followed up by a Diploma in Sports Injury and Rehabilitation.

With over 15 years of experience, Caroline is renowned for her high standard of experience and knowledge.


CMB runningAs well as working with everyday people who are experiencing emotional or postural stress, demanding physical jobs, spending hours behind a computer, yacht crew, actors, musician, mothers. Caroline also works with people who just like to keep fit to playing sport at club to professional-level.

Caroline previously worked with tennis players, the British and German Olympic judo team, and Olympic track athletes, as well as the rugby teams of Toulon, Nice, England, Wasps and Rossyln Park.

Caroline’s professionalism and discretion has allowed her to currently treat Tour De France cyclists, road cyclists, tennis players, marathon runners,  triathletes, racing drivers, track athletes, actors, musicians, and children.

scan1Caroline strongly believes in taking the time to listen to your problems, and then to carry out the different techniques to suit the problem and how you feel.  She also believes that there are treatments for every person, so working alongside other highly qualified professional Therapists is an excellent way to ensure that you receive overall well being.

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“Big thank you Caroline for guiding me and getting me back on “track” after my injury in the middle of last season. You really saved my season and got me back in shape again during winter time. Thanks to your understanding of the body, your specific approach and focus on my weak spots, today I’m better then ever before and performing on top level again in the sport I love doing so much. You literally brought me back in pole position!”

Chris Mathius

Chris Matteus, 2 x 1st (class) 24h Francorchamps ( WC endurance for GT cars). 1st 2005 (Porsche) and 1st 2007 (Mosler).