To busy, to stressed, or limited on time ?

Don’t worry, we can come to you.

We will massage you in the comfort of your own home.


All you have to do is find an area that you will feel comfortable for us to massage you, and we will create an ambiance,

so you will feel totally relaxed .


We will bring the massage couch, towels, music, incense and the oils of your choice to suit your mood and particular



“Our aim is to ensure you receive the uptmost treatment and care giving you an overall sense of well being”.


When booking your appointment, you don’t have to choose the type of massage straight away, you can decide the type

of massage on the actual day.


Have you a partner, friend or family member that also needs a massage?

Then we are happy to treat another person straight after you. The best news is, if you book two massages, then the

second massage is at a reduced rate. You just let us know how many people when you make the booking.


To book your home massage appointment, please email or telephone us directly.