Choose your Organic Aroma & Base Oil


For your treatment, you can choose an aroma base oil from the best organic seeds or you can choose from one of the Aroma massages each one consisting between 5 to 7 organic essential oils. You don’t have to choose your aroma base or oil when booking the appointment. Everyday you feel different, so you can choose the oil or base on the day of your treatment.


SWEET ALMOND OIL – Softening Skin Care. Sweet almond oil is nourishing and softening because it is naturally rich in Vitamins A and E. It is good for all skin types.

APRICOT KERNEL OIL – Combined and Oily Skin Care. Apricot kernel oil has anti-ageing properties because it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It is good for combined to oily skin types.

ARGAN OIL – Dry Skin Care. Argan oil is a precious ally for dry, devitalized skin. It contains over 80% Omega 6 and 9, unsaturated fatty acids that are essential for the epidermis to function properly, re- ducing water loss from the skin and boosting its elasticity.

ARNICA OIL – Repairing Skin Care Organic Arnica oil is made by macerating Arnica flowers in organic olive oil. Its repairing properties make it a key ally for treating fragile, damaged skin.

AVOCADO OIL – Nourishing Repairing Skin Care. Organic Avocado oil is a nourishing anti-ageing skin care, particularly recommended for treating dry, delicate skin. Mild and invigorating, it is also used to massage sensitive areas like the eye contour, crow’s feet and to smooth scars and stretch marks.



Heating Massage  – Muscle relaxant and preparation for sport.
 Gently heats and relaxes the muscle fibers.
 7 Essential: Wild Scots Pine (stimulating), Cypress (circulatory), Nutmeg, Eucalyptus globulus (tonic), Lavender, Cinnamon (stimulating). rosemary camphor (tonic muscles), wild Scots pine (stimulating), Cypress (circulatory), nutmeg, Eucalyptus globulus (tonic), Lavender, Cinnamon (stimulating).

Joint Massage Support – Brings relief to painful joints.
 Relaxes and relieves locally.
 7 Organic Essential Oils: Wintergreen (anti-inflammatory), Juniper berry (muscle re- laxant), Eucalyptus Citriodora (anti-inflammatory), Wild Scots Pine (relaxant), Lavandin (recuperative), Rosemary (tonic).


Energy + Massage – Kick start your energy!
 For face, legs & body.
 6 Organic Essential Oils: Peppermint (invigorating), Ginger (energizing), Rosemary (tonic), Verbena (fresh and energizing), Lemon (tonic), Red mandarin (relaxing).

Light Legs Massage – Cools and relieves the feeling of heavy legs.
Apply on the legs. 
5 Organic Essential Oils: Peppermint (active venous return), Lemon (circulatory tonic), Cypress (venous and lymphatic decongestant), Sweat Orange (circulatory stimulant), Lavandin (skin regenerating).


Relaxation Massage – Serenity and muscular relief.
 For body and soul.
 7 Organic Essential Oils: Lavender (calming), Ravensara (relaxing), Red Mandarin (relaxing), Ylang complete (soothing), Clary Sage, Sweet Orange (soothing), Basil (calming).

Paradise Massage – Fosters harmony and relaxation.
 6 Organic Essential Oils: Red mandarine (calming), Rose geranium, Ylang complete (soothing floral notes), Lavender (relaxing), Sweet Orange (soothing), Basilic (calming).

Slimming Massage  – Tones the skin and sharpens the silhouette. Apply in local treatment in the hips, buttocks, arms and belly.
6 Organic Essential Oils: Grapefruit (draining), Cedar (circulatory), Lemongrass (circulatory), Camphorated rosemary (tonic) , Juniper berry (muscle relaxant), Wild oregano (tonic).

Respiratory Massage – Soothes and clears congested respiratory tract.
 Apply over the chest or back.6 Organic Essential Oils: Green Mint (purifying), Wild Scots Pine (stimulating), Eucalyptus radiata (respiratory), Tea Tree (sanitizer), Camphorated rosemary (tonic), Lavandin (calming).

Digest + Massage – An after-meal “massage” for easy and comfortable digestion.
 Use in massage on the abdomen or back.
 6 Organic Essential Oils: Roman Camomile (antispasmodic), Marjolaine (calming nervous), Lavender (calming & antispasmodic), Basil (digestive), Rosemary (choleretic), Sweet Orange (digestive)

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Single Session (1hr = 75 minutes) – 75€
Block 2 (2 x 75 minutes) -140€ (70€ each)
Block 4 (4 x 75 minutes) – 260€ (65€ each)

Single session (1.5hrs = 105 minutes) – 115€
Block 2 (2 x 105 minutes) – 220€ 
(110€ each)
Block 4 (4 x 105 minutes) – 400€
(100€ each)

Single session (2hrs = 135 minutes) – 150€
Block 2 (2 x 135 minutes) – 290€ 
(145€ each)
Block 4 (4 x 135 minutes) – 540€ (135€ each)

Fitlane Club – FULL Members 15% – 75 mins – 68€

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